Singer/Actor/Choreographer OnSean Zion AKA Seaon Stylist was born and raised in Georgetown Guyana, where music and dance became an early influence in his life.  Besides training in voice & piano, he also underwent intense foundational dance disciplines in Modern, Ballet & Jazz.  At the tender age of 16, OnSean and his family moved to the United States, where Singing & Latin Dances (Salsa in particular) became a huge passion.  After a 5 year intense training with various Instructors, including RazzM'Tazz & Eddie Torres of New York City, OnSean stepped out on his own, bringing the New York Style of Salsa On2 to California and all of the West Coast in 2009.  In addition to teaching locally in the United States, OnSean has performed and taught Salsa all over the world including Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland & name a few.  OnSean is the creator, choreographer & director of "Latin Cabaret," which is a Dinner Theater Spectacular playing new shows every 3 months ...coming to Denver, CO.  In addition, he has choreographed 5 Broadway Style Dance Musicals, including "Rock with You," celebrating the music & dance of Michael Jackson...Latin Style, "The Battle Of The Dance" for Disney Anaheim, and “Mama Love Me Once Again,” the first Latin Broadway out of China and All of Asia!  


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