In Loving Memory Of My Grandmother, Lucille Barker.

The woman who introduced me to music

Course Name:   Intro To A Multi-Instrumentalist

Piano - Drums - Electric Bass - Double Bass - Guitar

Welcome to the FIRST year of YOUR musical journey to becoming a Multi-Instrumentalist! :) It warms my heart that you agree to undertake such a journey.  Even if you have studied music in the past, remember, forget ALL you know and start from SCRATCH.  This will be the easiest way to learn and to ensure you haven't missed anything along the way.  If you are now beginning your journey to becoming a multi-instrumentalist, just follow along step by step (not skipping ANYTHING) and you'll be well on your way in no time; I PROMISE!  Trust me, it's like those Karate Kid moments where Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel Son all those chores.  Remember?  He couldn't see where it was leading at all, but wasn't he learning??  I still remember to this day, the joy, excitement and pleausre I felt when Mr. Miyagi finally showed a frustrated Daniel Son that it's ALL CONNECTED!  Similarly to myself, when I was homeless, I couldn't see a way out.  I knew if I kept living and DESIRING to live, (that the key, sincere desire) I would somehow get out of the situation; and guess what??  I DID!  Not of my own accord, but from a complete stranger.  Listen, If I can overcome homelessness, with my help, you TOO can teach yourself how to become the multi-instrumentalist you envision.  See it, see yourself playing the instruments you want.  Look at yourself, admire the finished product, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AIMING FOR.  The joy you will receive at the end cannot be expressed through this keyboard.  Give it your ALL!!  Truly commit your heart, soul, mind, energy and willpower to this FIRST year.  Only YOU can make it happen for yourself, but have a support system now.  You have someone to show you how, and walk you along the way.  Do NOT underestimate your abilities.  You are capable; you are MORE than capable.  Now, here's how to start :)

Follow this ENTIRE page from TOP to BOTTOM, every line, comment, example and demonstration; do not miss ANYTHING! :)

  • FIRST -  and most importantly, please watch the video above before continuing!

  • SECOND - this ENTIRE page is your FIRST year;  Know EVERYTHING!

  • THIRD - STAY focused and remain POSITIVE!  I love you already! :)

Now...go get your destiny!  ENJOY the journey.  Hugs!!  :)



Click HERE to download your student booklet

Daily Practice Schedule (20mins each, no more)

Theory, Drums, Electric Bass, Double Bass, Guitar, Piano

  • Study 5 days in a row

  • Study up to 20 minutes per video per day, until you're done for the week

  • Study videos in the EXACT order as they appear

Stay positive & ENJOY!  Hugs :)


Week #1 - Theory

INSTRUCTIONS - 4 Things To Do This Week

  1. Download & print weekly workbook and set aside

  2. Download Anki from the App store

  3. Weekly Reading - Week 1A

  4. Turn to the "Theory Section" in your workbook and follow along to the video

PLEASE, complete and know EVERYTHING before moving forward.  I say this to you with love


Week #1 - Piano

Open your student workbook to the Piano Section and follow along in the video. Do this 5 days in a row. You should complete, and know EVERYTHING in this video first, before attempting the supplemental study section.


I really searched the internet to try and find a video that won''ve tried to find videos by teachers on YouTube.  I can't find any video that goes slowly enough, but here's one that I enjoyed when I was at your level.  Remember to FINISH your weekly lesson plans FIRST.  Hugs :)


Week #1 - Guitar

Open your student workbook to the Guitar Section and follow along in the video. Do this 5 days in a row. 


Week #1 - Drums

Open your student workbook to the Drums Section and follow along in the video. Do this 5 days in a row. 


Week #1 - Electric Bass

Open your student workbook to the Electric Bass Section and follow along in the video. Do this 5 days in a row. 


Week #1 - Double Bass

Open your student workbook to the Double Bass Section and follow along in the video. Do this 5 days in a row.