The SALSA Dancer Bible - Pre-Order Download
Hello to all that purchased the Salsa Dancer's Bible.  I apologize for my extremely late delivery of your pre-ordered video series.   I decided to produce this product at a very sensitive time in my life, with lot's of severe struggles and trials.  This project was a big part of my recovery process and I thank you so much for your patience.  You may begin your download for Salsa On1 AND Salsa On2.  Over the next coming weeks, additional videos will be added to complete your training.  Thank you so much for waiting for me.... now you may download, learn and DANCE!!

The Salsa Dancers Bible - Salsa On1 - ON SALE $69

The Salsa Dancer Bible - Salsa On2 - ON SALE $69


PLEASE NOTE ALL PURCHASES are final.  No refunds, exchanges, transfers or extensions on classes, but event tickets are transferable.  There is NO obligation to attend all classes, but try not to miss a class or you"ll "miss-out."  These classes are scheduled based on YOUR availability and studio prices are all fixed.

If you're IN, you're  Let's make it happen.  #hugs   See you in class :)