FREE - Salsa Musicality Workshop Lecture

Saturday March 26th - 1pm
THE DANCE CONNECTION STUDIO  -  3117 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago IL 60618

MUST register individually by email below to attend :)

...connecting more with the music   ...understanding the timing   ...feeling the beat   ...hearing the rhythm

...hitting the breaks to look smoother   ...styling to the muisc


These questions I get ALL the time.  Because I'm a singer/musician first, these now come quite naturally to me, but I was taught...I had to learn!!   Well I can help...I PROMISE I can help.


I have taught musicality throughout the world including China, Japan, Korea, Spain, France, Italy.. Many students wanted to know how to listen to the music for better Salsa social dance AND choroegraphy.


I won't be able to cover everything obviously, but come prepared with any questions you may have we can have a DEEPER feeling and connection with the music!


Don't come alone...bring a social or performance dance partner and tell a friend. I'd love to help you get better by the summertime!!
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If you're IN, you're  Let's make it happen.  #hugs   See you in class :)