The Bay Area - San Francisco!
Private Salsa/Mambo/Bachata lessons 
**Salsa On1 - Salsa On2 - OR Bachata**
OnSean Zion AKA Seaon Stylist-Bristol
Offering Salsa & Bachata PRIVATE dance lessons in San Francisco!*
(Private lesson is for ANY 2 PEOPLE, couple or friends)
2 hours for = $150  (2 hours minimum)
WOW!  What a deal!
In addition to group lessons and social practice, PRIVATE DANCE lessons are the sure way to fast-track your dancing to the next level.  I get to spend more individualized and personalized time with you, to focus on JUST you!  We will plan your lessons in advance and keep track of all your progress, fixing and helping you grow all the way.  Whether it's musicality, timing, styling, basics, partner work, footwork, spins or choreography, I am here to help and I will teach you at a pace that suits YOUR needs!  In other words, I got you!​
Private lessons are booked & taught in 2 or 3 hour segments as 1 hour is never enough for complete learning.
Please purchase your lessons below and I will email you within 2 hours to set up your FIRST lesson!
Let's DANCE!

Private Lesson - 2hrs- $150

Private Lesson - 4hrs- $275

Teaching in CHINA!! 


PLEASE NOTE ALL PURCHASES are final.  No refunds, exchanges, transfers or extensions on classes, but event tickets are transferable.  There is NO obligation to attend all classes, but try not to miss a class or you"ll "miss-out."  These classes are scheduled based on YOUR availability and studio prices are all fixed.

If you're IN, you're  Let's make it happen.  #hugs   See you in class :)