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​Ladies & Gentlemen.  Friends and Family of the World! :)

I can't be the ONLY one wanting to focus on music in these times...

Join me for this lecture/class on An Introduction To Music Theory (A)
WHEN:  Saturday November 26th, 2022
TIME:  4pm Eastern Time (1pm Pacific)

A One and Half Hour Class!!  We will discuss among other things...

1.  What is Music Theory?
2.  Time Signature
3.  Clefs
4.  Note Values
4.  Tempo and keeping time
5.  Music Theory for Dancers

6.  Questions and Answers...

Are you not excited???  I am baby, so please join me as we explore together!

Follow the lick below to sign up.  Upon completion, you'll receive a ZOOM MEETING ID to join the lecture at the date and time above.  Looking forward to seeing you ALL, to share, learn and explore together!

OMG, finally!  I can't tell you how long, well, 6 months!  I have been planning this class for SIX MONTHS!  LOL.  Better late than never huh?

See you SATURDAY, wherever you are in this magnificent World!

Intro To Music Theory - ONLINE: About
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