Hello there and thank you for your interest in Latin Cabaret, a Latin-Broadway show, created & choreographed  by OnSean Zion AKA Seaon Stylist-Bristol.  Please find below, all the information you will need at this time.  Thank you! :)

The FIRST performance of Latin Cabaret, was a tribute to Michael Jackson, celebrating his music and dance to a variety of Latin rhythms, such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and more!  This show has played in many parts of the United States as well as Germany, China and Japan, to name a few. 

Over the up-coming Christmas Holiday Season, I will debut this showcase right HERE in Denver, Colorado!

I am looking for 6 male and 6 female Salsa/Bachata dancers to teach and train NEW YORK STYLE SALSA ON2, for this upcoming SPECTACULAR performance!!  If you are ONLY interested in learning On2 for social dancing, this will be fine as well, you may still join and participate in this section of the training. 

Rehearsals will for now, be at Cherry Creek Dance on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Both at 8pm.  Please note, these times are flexible and I am willing to work around your schedules, but the first few rehearsals will be at these times.


The date and exact location of the performance here in Denver will be determined and further announced!

Firstly, here's what I will be looking for in my dancers/trainees...

  • MUST have an excellent personal and work attitude.  Remember, this is a PROFESSIONAL SHOW, so humility, dedication, and mutual respect to ALL, including your audiences, is of utmost priority!  Please, and thank you.

  • MUST be punctual and attend all rehearsals and practices on-time (please notify the dance captain if you will be late or absent)

  • ALL rehearsals will be filmed/recorded and documented, so appropriate attire and presentation is necessary at all times

  • Please come with an open mind and attitude for learning

  • Must have the ability to retain choreography

  • The cost is $5 PER REHEARSAL,....I know right?? NOTHING! :) lol

  • You are only responsible for your shoes.  All costumes are provided by the show.

A little bit about me....  I am an Eddie Torres ex-dancer who began dancing Salsa in 1991.  I left New York in 1999, and went on to introduce ALL of California, and the entire west coast to dancing Salsa On2!  Prior to my arrival in Los Angeles, there was very little Salsa On2 present.  Some of my students around the world include world champions such as Oliver Pineda, Joel & Ana Massacote, David Olarte, John & Liz of Salsamania, Gabriel Romero and Sekou McMiller to name a few.  I have performed or shared the stage with dancers like Frankie Martinez, Amanda Estilo, Griselle Ponce, Franklin Diaz, Jorjet Alcocer and many more.  Additionally, I have choreographed over 100 routines for congresses all over the world, starred in Battle of the Dance for Disney Anaheim, and choreographed 4 Broadway Style Dance musicals.  So...I have done quite a bit...lol...but now I am here in Denver, in Embalming school, as well as Jazz & Rn'B theater... AND of course, these productions, Latin Cabaret Showcases.

Thank you for taking time to read all this!! :)  If you are SERIOUSLY interested, kindly view the videos below.  The one on the left is the commercial for the Chicago version of Latin Cabaret - tribute to Michael Jackson.  I am not sure which version I will use here in Denver, so do not be intimidated if it seems too much...just come and do your BEST!!


Next, please use the form below to send me the following information, and I will get back to you ASAP with further details.​  Thank you so much again for your interest, and I look forward to a wonderful working friendship with you!  All the best!!  HUGS!!!  - OnSean

Latin Cabaret - Chicago Commercial

Eddie Torres Dancers - LA, 1999 - OnSean

If SERIOUSLY interested, kindly fill in the form below and I will get back to you EXTRA soon!!

HAVE FUN     *     LEARN     *     DANCE     *     HAVE FUN     *     PLAY     *     SWEAT     *     HAVE FUN


PLEASE NOTE ALL PURCHASES are final.  No refunds, exchanges, transfers or extensions on classes, but event tickets are transferable.  There is NO obligation to attend all classes, but try not to miss a class or you"ll "miss-out."  These classes are scheduled based on YOUR availability and studio prices are all fixed.

If you're IN, you're IN...lol.  Let's make it happen.  #hugs   See you in class :)